Upon his mission to Ukraine, the ICC prosecutor described the situation as one big crime scene.
He saw evidence of murder of innocent civilians, murder assault, rape, torture, molestation,
corruption, destruction of private homes, theft, bombing of vital infrastructure, schools, hospitals
and other vital infrastructure, churches, clinics, denial of medcines and food.
The United Nations’ Secretary General has called for volunteers to assist with humanitarian
assistance but also the stretched Ukrainian civil service. One of the most important governmental
tasks is to collect evidence for the prosecution of crimes, wittiness testimony, photos, and videos
for national and international prosecution.
While some of these acts may be considered war crimes, they are definitely crimes under the
Ukrainian criminal code and other jurisdictions.
As the UN Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice begins on May 16, the Coalition of
Faith Based Organizations, the United Nations Studies Association and the Academic Council on
the United Nations System propose the organization of a webinar at the Diplomatic Academy in
Vienna involving lawyers and officials, together with journalists and distinguished jurists,
professors, and judges in order to discuss these crimes currently committed in Ukraine, which
may be prosecuted regionally and internationally.

Ukraine is a Crime Zone


Oleksandra Matviychuk, Centre for Civil Liberties in Kyiv

Friedrich Forsthuber, President Vienna Criminal Court – Austrian Jurisdiction

Hannes Tretter, Lawyer and human rights expert, Professor of Human Rights at the University

Michael Platzer,- CoChair Coalition of Faith based Organizations

Karolina Kompush, Interpretor from Khakov, Ukaine

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