Corruption in Nigeria: UNODC premieres animated movie to inspire youth


Abuja (Nigeria), 25 August 2020 – An array of renowned Nigerian actors, musicians, writers, journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs convened virtually to engage citizens, in particular women and youth, in a national anti-corruption dialogue called “Corruption Wahala* – an Everyday Tale”.

An animated short movie summarizing the key findings of the 2nd Corruption in Nigeria Survey report conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics and UNODC, with funding from the UK government, was premiered and inspired young people to leverage their innovation and capabilities to tackle corruption.

The UN Resident Coordinator, Edward Kallon, said in his opening remarks: “We need the power and innovation of youth; we need your strength and ability to not accept the status quo.”

The Statistician General of the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics , Dr. Yemi Kale, said: “This film is a huge step forward in helping people see and understand the value and tangibility of data being produced in the country.”

The panelists discussed the need to strengthen advocacy and to leverage the statistics to demand strong institutions and sanctions, and gender balance in public institutions in order to tackle corruption.

UNODC Country Representative, Oliver Stolpe, urged the public to continue the conversation and concluded: “We will need to act if we want to put an end to this corruption wahala.”

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